* We have ceased roasting coffee at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience. *

Auswana coffeeAuswana Coffee is packaged in pouches with a gusseted bottom panel and a resealable feature that keeps the coffee airtight, hence preserving the freshness of the coffee, a key to premium coffee. The pouches also have a one-way degassing valve that allows the coffee to be packaged straight from the roaster, again ensuring a premium product with a longer shelf life. The pouch sizes are 250g, 500g and 1kg.


We have 2 different roasts, dark roast and medium roast (mild).

The dark roast has a lingering chocolaty flavour, with treacle and caramel notes, good acidity, full bodied, and with a very clean finish. Through an espresso machine the coffee comes up a treat and has an excellent crema, is rich and smooth, and is without any hint of bitterness. We also recommend this coffee for drip filter, plunger and stovetop.

The medium roast has a very smooth, sweet, fruity flavour, medium bodied, with a very clean finish. We recommend this coffee for drip filter, plunger and stovetop.