* We have ceased roasting coffee at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience. *

Auswana Coffee is a family owned and operated business. We grow and process 100% Australian coffee. Our coffee plantation is near D’Aguilar in the Greater Brisbane region in South East Queensland.

The Plantation

Our plantation is situated on the range overlooking the Glass House Mountains and has volcanic red soils. This area is ideal for growing top quality coffee because of the climatic conditions and the altitude. The altitude of approximately 1,000 feet ensures excellent growing conditions. We have moderate summer conditions and normally plentiful rainfall, which is optimum for coffee bean development. We have a long ripening period due to our tranquil winters. The combination of these conditions creates the fabulous natural characteristics of our specialty coffee. Like wine, the conditions, soil, and care of the plant all contribute to the flavour of the coffee.

The Process

We are quality conscious and take great care in all aspects of coffee growing from flowering, nutritional care of the trees, irrigation, and the harvesting process.

All aspects of the coffee processing are performed on site. These are machine harvesting, processing, drying, curing, hulling and finally roasting.

The traditional methods of processing coffee involves coffee cherries being hand picked from the trees, removing the beans from the cherries by machine, then the beans being fermented or mechanically washed, and then dried. This can result in inconsistent and variable quality and is not a cost effective method in our modern producing country.

We use the most modern and efficient methods of coffee processing. Our coffee-processing factory guarantees consistency and ensures the natural flavours are retained, and our quality systems ensure an optimum product.

We employ sustainable farming practices, a manner that is kind to the environment. We use predominantly organic fertilisers and we have implemented practices to minimise water consumption. We replace the natural nutrients of the land by recycling all processing by-products, such as composted coffee pulp and parchment husk, between the coffee trees. This type of fertilisation has been found to produce a more uniform and natural mineral content in the ground.

Our Product

We store the coffee in parchment form, which further protects its quality. We only roast to order so we can guarantee that the coffee we send out is always fresh.

It is a first-rate product that is “Clean & Green” and is grown without any insecticides or pesticides, and is free from genetic modification.

There are many coffee experts around and often the information can be confusing and contradicting. We are happy to let your palate decide. Even the most discerning coffee drinker will be delighted with the medium or dark roasted product.

Paul Frankiewicz